Custom Design

Let us custom design something for you, your family, coastal home, team or school.  Graduation season is always a busy time for us.  We enjoy designing something special that incorporates your college/school and room colors.  

No additional cost for customization.  Here are just a few of our favorite custom designs.

  1.    2.

 1. Tennis & Ski blanket for student at Oak Knolls School.  She selected colors and wanted initials of her best friends.  2. Elephant and lacrosse stick blanket.  Gift for lacrosse coach having a baby.


3.  4.

3. Landon School blanket for brother who play tennis and run cross country.   4. Blanket for brothers who attend rival high schools.


5.   6. 7. 

5. Beach towel for tennis ladies that love their Margaritas.  6. Grumpy Irishman beach towel designed by daughter who wanted a gift for her father that matched his boat.  7. Yoga mat that was a gift for a teacher who loved her dog and enjoyed kayaking, swimming, traveling, reading.


 8.   9.  

8. Gift for high school alum and football coach.  9. Holy Child pillow.  Gift from grandparents to granddaughter who is an equestrian and plays soccer.



10. College fraternity blanket.