About Us

We are a Mother-Daughter(x2) collaboration that started on Bald Head Island, NC. Our designs encompass our love of the beach, athletic competition, family, healthy living, good food, and empowering young women.  After numerous holiday shops, lacrosse & soccer tournaments, and school boutiques, we fine-tuned our product selection and decided to sell our products on-line.
Kelly, Catharine & Ann

Kelly Haglund, Chief Marketing & Financial Officer:  Kelly, our Renaissance Woman, is combining her compassionate and nurturing soul, strong leadership, communication and organization skills, and Economics degree to pursue her BSN. Her vast professional experience including event management, sales and marketing, teaching and coaching, have proven invaluable to Vitamin Sea Design.

Catharine Haglund, Chief Technology Officer:  Catharine works fulltime as an associate systems analyst. Our website would not be possible without her late night hiatus. Catharine is fluent is several languages. Her favorites: Java, HTML/CSS, C, C++, Python, Prolog, and SQL.

Ann Nicolaides Haglund, Designer:  Ann worked for more than 20 years developing and executing marketing and advertising programs. In 2006, she resigned from her executive position at Washington Sports & Entertainment to spend more time with her family. Little did she realize that more time with family would evolve into a business relationship.  



Thank you to LFEEES, G-Global Ventures, and all our dear friends.  We could not have launched our business with out!

We welcome any feedback and suggestions. Please let us know!

It's a family affair!  We are grateful for all the assistance from Grandmother, cousins, and friends.  Especially Michael, our dear friend at the US Post Office!