2 Blanket Sizes

We have provided 2 size options for most of our fleece blankets:

 60” x 80” (5 ft x 6 1/2 ft)

This is the most common dimension of a queen size bed.  Our super large blanket is favored by all men and boys age 12 and over (even the biggest toughest man wants to cuddle in it).  Women and girls like it too for its extra coverage.

50” x 60”  (4 ft x 5 ft)

Perfect as a throw blanket.  Toss it in the car or on the sofa.  Kelly, Catharine and Ann are all under 5’ 4” and prefer this size.  Fits nicely at the end of a twin size bed which is normally about 38” wide x 75” long.

We are happy to discuss the two different size options with you.  Just Contact Us.